Why I Chose Dentistry As A Profession?

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1. Please explain why you selected dentistry as a profession?

Having grown up in an agrarian community in India, I was unfamiliar with dentistry during my formative years. The first time anything medicine-related ever piqued my interest was when I was twelve years old, at a routine visit to the hospital with my mother. As we waited at reception, the plight of an elderly woman caught my eye. I can still remember the look of anguish on her face as she twisted her hands and cried silently in pain. When she occasionally opened her mouth, I glimpsed unsightly sores that lined her oral cavity—they had a tinge of yellow to them and appeared to be stained with blood. I was horrified by this sight and asked my mother, “Who can help this woman heal?” She simply looked at me and answered, “A dentist.”
I realized then that I wanted to pursue dentistry so that I could help people relieve their pain. I began researching at the local school library and asked my biology teacher questions about dentistry. I soon learned that most people in India only seek dental care when the situation becomes extremely severe. I realized that there was a limited awareness of oral hygiene. My commitment to becoming a dentist grew, and I aimed to make my services available to those in the community who needed but were unable to access dental care.
‘There are hundreds of languages around the world, but a smile speaks them all. ' I am a firm believer of the quoted text. People often underestimate the power

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