Why I Chose Engineering Research Paper

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I am Kayla Tran, currently a fifthteen year old sophomore who goes to East granby High School about to turn sixteen and go into my junior year. I have a love for math, working with my hands, taking items apart, and seeing the inner workings of virtually anything and everything. I am applying to the Uconn Exploring Engineering Summer Program to get a better grasp of the fields of engineering, to get first hand experience as to what each field does, and to try to figure out what direction and work field I will want to head in after high school.

I believe that by attending this program, I can build myself as a person, student, and future engineer. I work with diligence, persistence, and will not give up on anything until the job is complete and done with precision. I would like to get to experience hands on tasks and be able to have a better understanding of what each field is like. To get to a chance to experience what certain field is like would be amazing and a huge step towards my future as I would like to get an idea of what field I would like to pursue after high school. Not only would I be interested in the hands on learning, but what it is like to sit in an actual class focused on engineering and the math and science behind it.
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Working in a program like the Uconn Summer Engineering Program, I feel, will be a whole different and exciting experience. I also enjoy working with others that feel the same way about the engineering fields and that are close minded. I would love to get the chance to work with the students that are at this programs for the same reasons and that truly want to be there, as well as instructors that enjoy what they do and want to educate more
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