Why I Chose From My Swot

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1. B The opportunity that I chose from my SWOT/TOWS matrix was the college student market. The majority of college students purchase a computer before they go to school or even during school. That being said, this is a great opportunity for a computer company to keep a costumer for life. I personally know that, after buying and using my first dell computer for over five years, I would gladly purchase another when my current computer is not sufficient. The seven steps I implement to take advantage of this opportunity are as such: 1. Define the present situation: There is a need concerning first time buyers in our market. We need to do what we can to appeal to this demand and encourage continued customer loyalty. 2. Establish goals and objectives: We are currently in the month of November. We need to have an established deal that we can offer concerning our entry level products which appeals to this consumer base. First step is to understand what would appeal to this consumer base by the end of February. Second step is to put together a package deal that includes what this consumer base likes. Third step is to compare our prices to the competition and make sure we are competitive. Fourth step is to analyze and collect data as to how this project went. Fifth step is to contemplate how we can do better next summer when students are purchasing computers for school. 3. Analyze environment in terms of aids and barriers to goals and objectives: Concerning aids, we have many
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