Why I Chose Her A Interview Project

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Introduction I chose one of my close friend and ex co-worker of mine Joanna Aguilar for my interview project. The reason that I chose her is because she is one of the most important person that I’ve known since I was sixteen and who also has influenced myself to become a better leader that I am today. Some of the backgrounds about Joana are that she was born and raised in Oakland, California and currently working at her parents wedding bridal shop. She went to Skyline High School and now currently attending Laney College in Oakland, California. Currently, she is majoring in Finance and hoping to work as a loan officer or a business analyst in the future. During free times, she enjoy spending time with her family, trying out new foods, watching a movie, going to the beach, hiking, and traveling. Her main goals are, to graduate college, get a stable job to support her family, and travel around the world. And for inspiration, she admires the former CEO of Apple Steve Job because he proved that hard work and dedication do pays off. Leadership Philosophy Over the last eight years that I’ve known Joana, I would describe her as a true inspiring leader. When asked about whether she is an influential leader or not, she responded “I believe I am an influential leader because I am an open minded person who can lead others by sharing my experience and knowledge that I have learned from before”. In other words, her unselfishness and humbleness enable her to have the will to

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