Why I Chose High School Essay

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After graduating from Conroe High School, I want to attend to Lone Star College Montgomery simply because it’s closer to where I live, and because it’s more affordable than any other state institution. I really don’t feel like going to another college that is far away from home, because that would mean that I would have to stay in campus which is more expensive. I want to go to Lone Star for two years to complete my basics.
The cost per semester at LSC is $800, so the total cost per two years at LSC is $3,200. It would’ve probably been more affordable if I had taken Dual Credit classes in high school to earn college credit and to accelerate my college completion, but I wanted to make my high school life easier by taking level classes. To say the least, I was too much of a coward to challenge myself. Lone Star is perfect for me because most of my friends will attend there. If I need help with any of my school work in college, it’ll be easier to reach my friends. Whereas, if we went to different colleges, we would have to drive really far just to see each other. Also, if I my car ever breaks down and I’m left without a ride to college, then I know that I can count on my friends for a lift. As gratitude for their help, my friends know that
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It is a fraction of the cost of a four year university. For instance, former high school graduates that are going to TX A&M have to pay about $4,575 per semester. The University of Texas beats A&M with $98. While in Lone Star College you only have to pay about $800 per semester. What a tremendous difference! I am aware that if I went to Lone Star and I’m competing with someone that went to one of those famous and expensive state institutions, then I know that I most likely won’t get chosen by whichever job I was applying for, but that won’t make me regret having chosen LSC. I’m glad that I chose to attend to Lone Star College
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