Why I Chose Law For Law School At The China University Of Political Science And Law

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When I was a child, I was wandering what I would become when I grow up, and I thought I must achieve something extraordinary. I saw my aunt, a successful lawyer living a life with her full passion and can always receive praises and applauses wherever she goes. I finally realized that she is who I want to become. As time going by, I chose law as my major and future career as expected. And now that I’m in my senior year of Law school at the China University of Political Science and Law, I gradually become aware that in our lives, there are always aspirations we cannot realize in the end, and what I could do is to try my best in everything and leave no regret for future. Besides, as I studied further into law--such an exquisite and delicate science, I also realized that achieving success is no more the only motivation of studying it, my interests became the main reason. And I know that what I have learnt is far less enough. Thus, a further study of law is essential for me to understand more and deeper of law, which has already become an indispensible part of my life, and also the career I will always pursue in future. My undergraduate studies in CUPL has laid a solid foundation for my future studies and research in Law. CUPL’s law program is ranked among the top three in China. Immersing myself in such a drastically competitive academic atmosphere, I know that I must spare no effort in studying. During the four years of my undergraduate studies, I completed the courses with
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