Why I Chose Marine Biology Essay

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Twenty years from now, I will be thirty-four years old. I plan on having my career in Marine Biology, a beautiful amazing wife, kids, and a nice house out in Galveston or somewhere near the ocean. I want to live nice and not have to struggle with money or other financial issues. I plan on having at least a Bachelors Degree, but I want a Masters Degree. It all starts now to get there. I will do my best to make good grades in High school, so I can get into a good college and get scholar-ships. I will be involved with my church and extra curricular activities. I am already a Sunday school helper at Nueva Veda, and am in the Youth Band. In school I play football, powerlifting, and baseball for sports. I want to try out for the debate team also. I am in all Pre-AP/AP classes, except I am not in Geometry. I am making all A’s, and plan on keeping that up for all of High School. I will stay in Brownwood, TX for all of high school since I have already started the year. I do not plan on going to college hear at HPU or Ranger. Right now I have three choices, A&M in Galveston, UT in Rockport Aransas, and for my main one Miami State. I want to major in Marine Biology, but I am not sure what exactly I will do in Marine Biology yet. I do know that it will involve the ocean and not lakes. As long as it is involves the ocean I…show more content…
I cannot blame this on for parents if this is not how my life is, or blame it on my teachers. This will be on me. I am fine if I am not a Marine Biologist, as long as I do what I love and not live miserable. My dad had to work from the ground up and he does not what to for me. He wants me to go to college and not have to start off as a nobody. I plan on making him proud and rising up to his expectations. Twenty years seems like it is a far ways a way and that I do not need to worry about it now, but it is coming faster that I realize it is. Before I know it I will be thirty-four and twenty years will have
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