Why I Chose Pharmacy

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I had only a broad idea of the career choice I desired for my future going into college as an eighteen year old freshman. Prior to beginning my higher education, I would classify myself as a well rounded student, but there was not a single area that I exceeded in starkly above the others. However, I have always held a greater appreciation for the natural sciences more so than other subjects. This led me to choose Stony Brook University as the school I would attend as an undergraduate, as this institution has choice science programs. The education I have received at Stony Brook University is one that I value very greatly. My coursework at Stony Brook University has been quite intense, effectively preparing me for the rigors of pharmacy school.
I believe my experience outside of the academic setting bolsters my standing as a competitive candidate. The part time jobs I have worked in the past beginning at the age of fifteen have all involved working in tandem with a team of others as well as the general public. Cooperation in a group is something I believe is vital in any setting, especially the workplace such as a pharmacy, and I believe myself to be one
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I have formed great relationships with all of the staff pharmacists that I work with. I have spoken with them about their career choices, and their insight has only reaffirmed my decisions. I have worked closely with many common medications, become familiar with processing third party insurances, and become familiar with the setting a pharmacist works in, and I can definitely see myself in the role of a pharmacist. I understand the work of a pharmacist is extremely important, the health of a patient relies on pharmacist's competence. My parents have both been on multiple medications and a pharmacist has verified that the prescriptions they are taking are not interacting with each other, ensuring their
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