Why I Chose Public Radio

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In my childhood, I would spend hours writing stories about people who lived in faraway lands. As I grew, this passion for discovering new places and people led me to double major in English and French at Dickinson College. Now, considering my career path, I would like to pursue public radio production. I believe that radio facilitates learning about the world on a more personal level, creating a strong connection with the audience through the audio elements of music, voice, and sound mixing. I am interested in an intern position with Smart Talk at WITF because public radio provides an accessible way for listeners to learn about news in the world; it connects people who are closely entwined in everyday life as well as those whose lives are vastly different.

I am ready for an internship in public radio because I have the strong writing and communication skills that working in the media requires. My studies in
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For instance, as a three-season athlete, I understand the importance of commitment to a project for maximum results. Also, my experience working in athletic teams has made me flourish in leadership and group work. Likewise, as a student Desk Attendant at the Dickinson Waidner-Spahr Library, I received a promotion to a position as Student Supervisor due to my attentiveness while on the job.

With my experience in writing, computers, and leadership, I believe I am qualified for a position with Smart Talk at WITF. When I was abroad in Toulouse, France, I frequently utilized public radio stations and podcasts to keep myself informed of the current political environment. Public radio is vital. It combines a more globalized outlook with a community focus, and I look forward to being considered for a position that would allow me to learn more about the production process. Thank you for your time and your consideration. I look forward to corresponding with
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