Why I Chose Social Work As A Profession

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I would love to be able to list concrete reasons for why I chose social work as a profession, but it feels more existential than that. It is a profession that begins in the core of who a person is, or who they aspire to be. Social work is one of those professions that, at some point in your life, chooses you. When I was young, my brother struggled with drug addiction. It was a very difficult time for our family. My family was careening toward ruin, and my brother’s addiction was the driving force. He was not the vibrant and funny boy I knew him to be. Luckily, we weathered the storm together and, in time, my brother recovered. He is now a happy, healthy, and thriving man. What I learned most during this time was empathy. I learned that at…show more content…
It was then that social work chose me. It was then that I wanted to make a difference. At that time, I did not yet know how, but the seeds were planted, waiting patiently to grow. Since that time, my youngest son, Cory, was born. He was diagnosed with ADHD within the first month of first grade. The diagnosis was not a shock to us as he has always been quite spirited, and he lacked an appropriate level of impulse control. I value education as a foundation for a bright future, so I committed myself to working with Cory, his teachers, and other school personnel to ensure a positive school experience for my son. I spent many days in the classroom working with not only Cory but many of the children who were struggling to ‘catch up’ as well. I enjoyed helping; I enjoyed making an impact on the children’s lives and to see the pride bloom on each little face with every new achievement. However, I knew that teaching was not for me, that is when the dream and passion for social work sprouted and took root. I began my social work education in January of 2014 at Wayne State University as a student of the WOW! Program. I work very well under pressure, and I genuinely enjoyed the rigorous curriculum. It has been my active intention to learn social work practice, to challenge myself to genuinely draw knowledge and a greater understanding from each assignment. I do this simply because I want to
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