Why I Chose This Career

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Introduction Paragraph
The career that I will be researching is Cosmetology. There are really two reasons why I chose this career. The first reason is so I can help work my way through college. At first I wanted to go for a lawyer so I was looking at seven years of college, but now I am looking to go for business to open my own salon. The second reason is because since I was a little girl I have always loved doing hair. I find that when you do somebodies hair you are actually doing a good deed. They may walk into that salon not feeling as confident as they usually do because their hair is messed up or outgrown, and then when they leave your salon, they feel like a brand new person, and honestly that is what I love most about this occupation. I hope to learn that this is honestly the occupation for me. That I will be comfortable doing hair for the rest of my life. A lot of girls will drop out because once they go to school for cosmetology, they find out doing hair all the time is not something that they want to do. I found out that I enjoy it. I also want to learn that I will be able to support myself and my future family on this job and this job only if I open my own salon.
Career Information
Cosmetology is all about your skills and your personality. Think about it… you go into a salon to get your hair done, and you have been going to this salon for your whole life. You know everyone there and they have been there for you through everything in your life. You are not going to

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