Why I Chose This Group

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The social group studied was my family consisting of my mother (Debra), sister (Toni), and myself. The reason why I chose this group is because it is a group that has impacted my life the most. I thought it would be fun to see how I would do this assignment since it was over Skype. This is because my sister lives in Florida. Main leadership falls to our mother for main reasons. However, my sister leads the conversation mostly because she does a lot more than we do, activity wise. Group dynamics are pretty typical between mother and sisters. Both of them have shaped my life so we share values, beliefs, and hold the same norms. A few of our values consist of being independent, strong, creative, positive, and respectful. Our mother raised us both on her own, and my sister worked hard to get where she is now. All of us have gone through hard times, especially my mother. But despite the hard ships we all stay strong and positive. Some norms are of course showing respectful and just being polite to those around us. Beliefs that we hold is that hard work can get you far as well as our family. My family is pretty simple over all. This group is pretty close to one another; mainly for the fact that we are family. My sister has lived in other states my whole life, so we spent quite a bit of time over the years chatting on the phone/video. This group is my primary group. According to the text a primary group is defined as a small social group whose members share personal and lasting
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