Why I Chose This Job

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With so many viruses lingering around the world, it is the job of Pharmacists to provide patients with their medication. Pharmacists check patients’ medical history and fill their prescriptions given by their doctors, give patients directions as to how and when they take their medication, inform them of the possible side effects and answer their questions. They also make sure pharmacy technicians properly dispense medication so that the patient receives the right amount of the right medication.
Without a doubt, the job that I have chosen is a pharmacist. I have always seen realistic T.V shows involving surgeons and doctors such as NY Med and Dr. Oz and it is so interesting. I enjoy seeing the adrenaline of being able to solve problems and the result of things “making sense”. The reason why I chose this job is that I am very intrigued and interested in all aspects of sciences and I feel that this job is the one for me. My strengths in school is also science, especially chemistry which would benefit me in my university years. I especially enjoy the medical field because I am very fascinated by the types of diseases or viruses that run through the human body, how they appear, and how they can be prevented or removed. I want to be useful with my career and end the day with satisfaction knowing that I have made one’s day better. I would love to work with other doctors and meet other people with the same interests and be a need in a person’s life time. Being…

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