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America is commonly referred to as the veritable “melting pot.” Individuals from all walks of life come to the U.S. in the hopes of achieving the American Dream. What began as a land of indigenous people has matured into a haven for cultural diversity. For the most part, these differences have strengthened the country. Nowhere else on Earth can a citizen enjoy French cuisine, partake in Chinese New Year festivities, and listen to live performances of Jamaican reggae all in the same day, in the same city. It is important to note, however, that this diversity is not without its flaws. Racial tensions still exist in modern America, despite considerable social progress since its inchoate stages. Even if racism may not be as obvious as it has been in the past, it still lingers in forms of prejudices and stereotypes. The recent uproars from the black community barely touches the surface of the deep problems of discrimination.

The reason why I chose this picture is to show the deep implications in which I am trying to portray through my essay. In the picture, I am running my first relay race in high school. The racial discrepancy shown in the photo shows the environment in which I had to blend in with. Although my teammates showed their integrity during matches, off the field was different. The stereotypes I had to face is typical of what any immigrant has to during their migration to a new world.

As an Asian American living in the U.S., I am still part of a…

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