Why I Chose To Move To The American Dream

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Ever since I was a child my parents instilled in me the idea that hard work resulted in a successful future. My parents had amazing jobs in Albania, they both graduated from college with the Albanian equivalent of a bachelor's degree, studied finances and accounting, and created good lives for themselves. Moving to America to provide their children with better educations resulted in their own educations not being valued, which consequently made it harder to get higher paying jobs. My father became a taxi driver to be able to watch his children while my mother went back to school. My parents have a combined income of about $47,000 a year. They have to take care of three children, themselves, and family overseas. Due to financial, health, and…show more content…
I have worked hard through my education and extracurriculars in order to attend a university which will give me the best connections and opportunities to propel me forward. I want to start my own business because I enjoy creating, delegating, and having a leadership role in whatever I am involved in. I want to be financially stable enough to help my family and still travel the world. I want to continue being involved in community service in my college education and into my future. I also desire to have a career in which I make enough money to help and donate to the underprivileged people of the world. After doing all of this I want to start a family and design my own home. I love interior designing, decorating, and organizing and this is something that I really look forward to in my future. I want to raise children who are not only educated in terms of academics, but also educated in the problems of the world like racism, sexism, wars, etc, and how to help these problems. I want to help raise a better future generation. That is my overall American Dream. I believe attending college will be the starting point for my American Dream. It will allow me to gain more experience and skills in terms of businesses which will later help me start one of my own. It will allow me to connect with others and gain a more unbiased view of the world. Attending college will provide me with a
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