Why I Chose the Munich Business School

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Dear MBS admission board,

My name is Zahraa Sarray, and I currently live in Lebanon. To introduce myself, I’m a seventeen-year- old girl who is to be graduated this summer and I hope to be a student at Munich Business School the coming fall. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading books, playing sports, and taking the occasional piano lessons. When I started searching for colleges in Germany, I was fond of Munich Business School.

I chose Munich Business School because it’s a leading university in Germany. It offers vast opportunities to gain knowledge and practical experience to work successfully in nearly any business field. Moreover, Munich Business School offers an English track which will help me acquire a deep understanding of the courses. My decision to pursue bachelor studies in Germany is underscored by my ambition to be a part of the business program at MBS. The pioneering works going on perfectly match with the field of my interest. MBS is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the global practices across the spectrum of business fields. At the same time, I am certain of contributing originally to the ongoing work at the university. By working under the guidance of prominent faculty, I shall undoubtedly be able to exploit my potential to the fullest.

Studying international business is an opportunity to explore the world of finances, taking it further than a local interest. Studying international business will supply me with insights into the
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