Essay about Why I Chose the Selective Service Act and Draft

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I chose the selective service act and draft for many reasons. One was because during these times many Americans felt that there rights were being taken away because all men between the ages of twenty-one and forty-five, had to register in the military. I see this as taking rights because those who didn’t want to go were either put in jail or charged a big fine for bail of their jail time. That is why I believe that the draft and selective service interfered with Americans rights and responsibilities. Making it a big historical event in which the government inflicted on the rights of all American who participated in these drafts and selective service acts.
The first selective service act was approved in 1917 by President Woodrow Wilson
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and 7 p.m . Even the sick where expected to register before or after June 5th. Also in President Woodrow Wilson’s document it is sad that it will take the whole nation to complete the war and even the men who remain at home are still apart of the nation’s army . One of President Wilson’s main objectives was too see that every man in this nation is register to serve our country for the common good.
Then around the time of World War 2 there was another draft. This draft was known as the first peace wartime draft . This draft was confirmed on September 16th 1940. It declared that all men between the ages of twenty-one and forty-five had to register for the U.S army . This draft also required that all men drafted had to serve at least a year. During this period the time of twelve months was extended and this resulted in many soldiers leaving and going a wall. A common symbol found in the barracks of these soldiers was O.H.I.O. this stood for “over the hills in October” . Although many soldiers left during that time, many new people signed up to join because of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Not only did many new men register but the woman too. The woman’s jobs were usually paramedics and nurses .
It is the said that by the end of World War II 50 million men between the age of nineteen and forty-five had registered for the draft . 10 million were inducted into the draft of that 50 million. By the end of the second world war over 24 million men where
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