Why I Decided For Business Management From The University Of Cape Coast, Ghana

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I grew up in a community in Ghana where majority of the population’s livelihood and survival depend solely on what they earn from their peasant farming activities. As a result majority of the youth of school going age migrate to the cities after high school in an attempt to fend for themselves and seek greener pastures. This is attributed to the nature of poverty which characterizes the community and also the inability of parents to finance the education of their children resulting in high level of school dropouts. Despite this fact, I challenged myself that if I worked hard, earned good results and stayed focused, I would be able to turn my dreams into reality. This kept me going and I have been able to earn a bachelor’s…show more content…
Academically I believe that I have a solid foundation to pursue this master’s programme. I believe I have the intellectual ability to complete a Masters Degree and I have demonstrated my drive, ambition and dedication to this by completing an undergraduate programme in business management. I am capable of working as part of a team, follow instructions and the capacity of working with others, which I did during my undergraduate entrepreneurship project. Using initiative in independent and group circumstances has allowed me to develop leadership roles, having served as the finance committee secretary and the treasurer for Catholic Students Union Facilitators, all of Pax Romana University of Cape Coast chapter. Networking, liaising with people and organizing tutorials for students has made me aware of the importance of developing strong relationships, using excellent communication, presentational and social skills, which I want to turn into excellent and distinctive leadership skills through a Masters programme. This will make me the only member of my family to continue to such a high level of education, and one of the few in my local community, these factors contribute largely to my motivation and commitment to undertaking and completing a Masters Degree.
I have gained some amount of work experience within my home country, Ghana, having worked at Ghacem Limited and Andy
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