Why I Decided to Enter an Executive MBA Program?

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Why I Decided To Enter An Executive MBA Program Introduction The continual pursuit of knowledge is the most effective career and personal development strategy there is. To fully contribute to growing enterprises' objectives, each professional needs to make a commitment to continually improve themselves over time. This is exactly why I have chosen to enter and Executive MBA Program. Throughout this essay I will share my professional experiences that include working in China, Finland, India and the United States, and how I've learned that the continual pursuit of knowledge, especially having to do with management, leadership and the core functional areas of a business, are critical for future success. Making The Commitment To Continual Improvement After having earned a master's degree in computer systems and information management, I chose to pursue a career that has given me the opportunity to contribute to projects in China, India, Finland and the United States. From each of these experience's I've been able to see how diverse the global business environment is, and how critically important it is to stay current on the latest managerial, leadership and technological trends. In preparing for the continued growth and trajectory of my career, I am enrolling in the Executive MBA Program to sharpen by existing skills and learn entirely new ones as well. Each of the countries I've worked in has given me a unique perspective or vantage point of global business. Each has

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