Why I Deserve A Class

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My current in ENG 101 is a C(79), That is a decent grade but it is not grade I believe I deserve. I believe I deserve a B in the class. I have some problems as writer and the skills I learned in this class have helped me improve my writing. I am so used to focusing on content rather than grammar and mechanics , that has been my downfall in other classes not just this one but I am working on improving my skills as a writer.
My grade went down from a B to a C because of the Argumentative paper.I am confident in my writing, but my problem is sentence structure and grammar.I am working on it. This is not the first class where a teacher has told me that but I am working on it. The argumentative paper hurt my grade deeply but I did okay on the research paper and my grade did not even move. I have put in a good amount of time into my work for this class.I hoped that the break we took from writing the essays could possibly boost up my grade from a C to a B I got a good grade on all the reading guides we did for the Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks.I contributed a lot for the seminars, I got 5/5 on every seminar we had and my grade did not even move. I think I deserve a B because I have been working really hard in this class My writing has been getting better with all the skills we
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I know I still have ways to go but I am getting better with my mechanics.In high school when we did essays we focused on content not really grammar and I think that is the reason why my papers have not been as good as
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