Why I Deserve A Scholarship

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An Important major thing as a senior is getting prepared for college or a technical/trade school. As a senior we dream to receive a scholarship whether it's a small amount or a full-ride, both will help through college. It is a great honor being able to receive any scholarship, it brings joy and hope for a future, if we use the scholarship to our best advantage. Given, that receiving the scholarship is not so easy, we have to show what we did within our high school years in the classroom, as well as what we did outside of it. I deserve this scholarship, not because I am better than anyone else, but because I want to be a role model for others and show them anything is possible. I am not someone who has outstanding credentials, or someone more outstanding to the person who ranks below or above me. I have an excellent GPA average, and I rank high in my class. I am a member of the Jeff Davis High School FFA Club, the Beta Club and I was a member of the French club. I did community service because giving back to the community is important to me, it brings joy to me as well as those who are receiving; and I give back when I participate with the Beta Club in Pennies for Patients or donating…show more content…
Throughout my life struggles and still going through school, performing well academically, never giving up, and giving back to community are important as a role model. These are the qualities a leader shows and are important because a person with these values and accomplishments knows true dedication. Moreover, it's not about the reward in the end but the approach overcoming difficult situations and being ready and prepared for them, as well as exceeding and working
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