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I feel I deserve the $25,000 for the fact that I am a good student. I really care about my

grades and I try my best to succeed. The students in this class would spend the money on things

that are pointless and not really needed. For example, they would most likely spend it on fifty

pairs of pants or ten hand bags, and the guys most likely a dirt bike or four wheeler. I understand

they want those things.I deserve the $25,000 because I would be responsible and not blow it on

things I do not need. Maybe a little bit for myself and the rest for things I need. I am dependable

and I can be trusted with anything. I do the best that I can. I work hard for the things I have and

things I do. I give my all in everything I do. I am motivated
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I am a huge fan of the band, and I have wanted to see

them in concert for a very long time, and taking a friend would make it even more enjoyable.

The concert is in Jacksonville, Florida I would have to find some where to stay for the time I am

there. I used $6,365.20 for this trip it included first class plane tickets and a room in a fancy


The spending of this money so far has left me with $13,398.13. While the items are piling

up I have to spend more. I buy a pair of Vans shoes, they were $59.54. I like Vans shoes,

because the quality of them are really good for the price you pay. They make my feet look really

good as well. The weather outside is really cold, it is winter outside, so why not get a new

jacket. I decided to buy a Baja Pullover from Earthbound for $43.25. No one likes to be alone so

with more money to spend I decided I would get the Sphinx cat from before a friend. He was a

little bit more expensive than the other one though. He was bought for $947.19.

It is senior year and that means prom, and a girl has to have a dress and shoes to match. I

bought a prom dress for $215.42 and shoes for $43.25. Purchasing all of these items I have
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I needed something to take a big part of the money. I bought

a 2010 Kia Soul for $11,839.35. I really like these cars they are one of my favorites.

The money is just about gone, I buy a bed spread for $124.48. I think everyone deserves a

new bed set and I like black so it would fit in with my personality. Then with a new bed spread it

needs a little bit more decoration. I bought pillows to match the spread one set was $55.20.

Feeling like I do not have enough pillows, I guy more for $71.43. Finally, with all of the money

gone I have spent $25,000.98.

Spending $25,000 is harder than most might think, but when you get the things you want

it goes very quickly. I have purchased two cats that mean a lot to me and car and shoes. I
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