Essay on Why I Deserve a Raise

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Why I deserve a raise? One of the most important aspects of my life right now is my job. I've accomplished many goals and met standards set by you. I always listened to what you had to say and respected your authority. I've never been late to work; working 5 days a week. No matter how busy we get I've always managed to keep the box in balance and keep my customers satisfied. When the time comes and there is something new to do, you give me instructions and let me know what to do. Every time I have specific tasks to accomplish, I always make sure that it's something I take care of after my customers. When you tell me to do something specifically, I make sure that I get to it as soon as I have time in my hand. I've never argued…show more content…
I have handled the cash flow of the business very well while taking care of my customers need. When something goes wrong and I have to step out of the office to speak to my customer, I made sure that another worker is in the office overlooking everything while I am not there. When customers have problems I make sure that they leave satisfied and are willing to come back because of the great service that we provide. Sometimes the workers would ignore customers because they have other cars to finish up and when the customers walk in to the office not satisfied, I make sure that I listen to every concern that they have and if I can't help them that someone else gets to it immediately. The most important thing to remember about this job is excellent Customer service with relation to the financial aspect of the carwash. That's something I made sure I achieved excellence in. I am not sure if you have heard, but a lot of the customers are complementing us on our customer satisfaction and the overall performance of the carwash. I think that has to do with my extra effort to make sure that all of our customers leave the carwash satisfied, which I learned from you. The overall performance of the carwash is excellent; the workers finish up the car with no flaws and I make sure that the customers get treated in a professional manner. I know that I have only worked for a few months and you don't think it's a good time yet for me to
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