Why I Didn 't Be A Complete Disaster?

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By the time they were notified that all customs and fees were taken care of so they would be able to send their son’s yacht to him, those who they wished to be waiting on board to throw their son a surprised welcome aboard party at the end of their Spring break had somehow disappeared. It wouldn’t be a complete disaster if it took a day or two to contact one of them after they knew the yacht was clear to sail to Mexico, but both had somehow vanished into thin air and were unable for anyone to get into contact with them. They didn’t need to stress to their parents how important this was for the two of them to stay focused on what they needed to do to gain their son’s attention. They had done all they could to help them both on several occasions prior to this latest attempt. For some reason they just couldn’t understand that their chances were dwindling quickly and this was their greatest opportunity they may never get again. Once their son graduates, he would have greater control of his life and be able to make his own choice of who he would consider having them as his wife. This was the main reason they had sent each of them down to Mexico several days prior to their son’s arrival with a security detail and a personal staff to allow them unhindered access to their son. Just the thought of all they had done to place both of these girls in the best possible position to capture their son’s consideration for a permanent relationship had them wondering if someone
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