Why I Didn 't Know You Want?

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“Let her down,” Eli said, slight panic running through him. He quickly neatened his desk and straightened his tie. The door to his office burst open, swinging back and forth violently on its squeaking hinges. “Eli dear,” his mother cried, and enveloped him in a long, slightly tearful hug. “What do you want?” Eli asked as soon as he’d been released. “Oh, I just couldn’t stand the way you left on Christmas, so I came to see you.” Eli waved a hand in her general direction, trying to ward off the guilt he was beginning to feel. “I mean honestly, you can’t just run out on everyone like that. You mortified your father and I in front of the Everharts and you took away the exchange student. I didn’t actually mean for you to take her. That day…show more content…
His mother stared at him for a long moment, a fire gleaming deep in her eyes that Eli hadn’t seen for many months, then turned and stalked out of his office, back straight and head held high. Eli slumped into his chair when the door swung closed behind her and banged his head onto his cool metal desk. Why me? His door crashed open once again. “Go away mother,” Eli groaned, raising his head up, “No one-oh.” Autumn practically skipped into the room, auburn hair swinging merrily from side to side, cheeks flushed a rosy pink, skirt marked with dirt and leaves. “Hello sir,” she beamed. “Sir? That’s a new one,” Eli sarcastically said, leaning back into his chair. “Oh well, I’m just in a good mood today,” Autumn replied. “I suppose it will do me no good asking you where you were last night,” Eli sighed. “Nope.” “Alright. Then get back to work.” Autumn nodded once and settled down behind her desk, still exuding a whimsical and joyful feeling. Eli stared at her, attempting to figure out what had made her so happy, when she glanced up and caught him staring. Her eyes were shimmering brown and they held such a beautiful light in them, that you couldn’t help but smile at. Cheery and free as they were, they held an intensity to them, that contained a little sadness and pain. Those eyes seemed to have seen the heights and depths of the world, its most somber and euphoric moments, its wisdom. They were Emily’s eyes. They called to him in a way he couldn’t
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