Why I Didn 't Make New Friends?

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Growing up in a small village in northeast Ohio called, Jefferson, there were not as many opportunities for any life-changing moments. In the year 2009, my mother told my brother, sister, and I that we were moving to Newark, Ohio. Thinking negative about it back then, veruses looking back now, I would not change it for anything. Moving to Newark changed my life forever because I needed to make new friends, wanted a job at 16, but most importantly met my fiancé with a unique background story. Moving from the town where I grew up to a town where I know nobody is quite nerve racking. I go from knowing pretty much everybody in town to not knowing a single person other than your family. My mom was suggesting that I needed to get more involved before school started, with that being said, I went to volleyball camp not knowing a whole lot about the sport. However, I still managed to try out; unfortunately I did not make the team. The first day of junior high approached quickly, as I became very nervous with only knowing a handful of kids from my neighborhood and volleyball camp. I was constantly asking to go back “home”. I thought all of my friends from Jefferson, would have stayed in contact with me, but sadly only one friend had. The quote was written by, Sam Ewing, “When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed, but the childhood.” This provides background information about my experience when I went to my old hometown and how I felt.
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