Why I Disagree With The Traditional Grading System

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Why I disagree with the Traditional Grading System

Lately we have seen many debates whether we should change the grading system or to remain the same. Everyone has their own opinion, but in this essay I will discuss regarding on why we should change it. I choose this side because I personally have faced problem with the grading system, and I also think that this is not the true representation of our knowledge. Therefore in the main part I will elaborate my arguments why am I against.
The grade doesn’t reflect the knowledge of the students.
From my perspective this is totally true because one grade cannot represent all of your effort of learning the subject. A letter or numeric number cannot explain the inner knowledge of a student, also it
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It is worth mentioning the fact that they are at an identity-forming stage of live, and so that they are looking within and outside of themselves for clues about who they are and what they should do with their lives. In other words, the world is telling them their strengths and weaknesses.
What we can conclude from the given arguments is the following:
The grading system has an effect on the short run instead on the long run. I would take an example when students go to from high school to a college or when they graduate and seek for a job. In the both cases they pretty sure made good grades with a nil amount of knowledge, thanks to the given wrong perception. The main focus on “good grade” puts the knowledge in shadow.
The second thing we can conclude is that students have a believe that grades can determine their life. This is a wrong believe, since their future depends on the school’s curriculum management. Which is why we should consider schools/colleges to step in and make changes in their already designed curriculum and apply improvements that help the students to get proactive which it will result by learning in meaningful way so that they can use it through their whole
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