Why I Don 't Agree With My Final Practicum Evaluation

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When it comes to using the strength perspective it’s about building on strengths that a person has. When clients and social workers sit down one of the first things they discuss is the strengths the clients have. It doesn’t matter if the client has seven strengths or a couple of strengths. The important thing is to start somewhere. An example of using the strength perspective for a client is they have a negative support system. The strength perspective of this situation is that client can make friends and build a support system. In my opinion, I like the strength perspective because it shows the clients that they can find a little bit of good even in a bad situation. Today, I am going to use the strength perspective to discuss why I…show more content…
After this comment was made, I tried to hold my composure and get through the rest of my day. I was working on my log for that week and it was time for the client med call at my agency. One of the clients came in for his meds and I was still trying to hold my composure and not focus on the comment that was just made. My emotions must have been written on my face because the client stated that I seemed down. I made a general statement to him about how I was seeing people for who they really were and how some people wear a mask to hide who they really are. I didn’t use anyone’s name. Fact: The staff member who made the comment stated that she knew I couldn’t be talking about her because she is always real. I ignored what she said and honesty thought this was the end of the discussion. When that client walked out of the office, I knew then that I shouldn’t have said anything to him even if I was making a general statement. The reason why I made a general statement was because I didn’t want to bring the client into an issue I was having with a staff member. Looking back, I did bring this client into this situation although I didn’t use any names. The Code Ethics states that social workers should not exploit clients in disputes with colleagues. In other words, a social worker shouldn’t bring clients into conflicts that are having with colleagues. The client didn’t have anything to with the conflict I had with the staff member and I should have just told him I
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