Why I Don 't Be Too Hard On Yourself

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A Few Wise Words from Well-Known Writers #1 At times writing can be a very stressful job. As if coming up with ideas isn’t enough, you must also find a creative way to turn these ideas into sentences. In most cases, the inspiration just isn’t there and you begin to question your choice of career. Don’t be too hard on yourself; plenty of writers have experienced similar thoughts. It’s all a part of the growth process. Many writers have run into brick walls but have found some creative ways to get over them, under them, or tear them down completely. Having such a creative mind, is one of the major benefits of being a writer. There’s always something stirring inside our brains. One day it’s the answer to a worldly issue, another day it’s just a bunch of words struggling to come together. Fortunately, the writers who have found their way to the other side of these imaginary walls have left clues as to how the rest of us can get there. Here are a few wise words from well-known writers. To live a creative life we must first lose the fear of being wrong -Joseph Chilton Pearce Being a writer often means delving into the pits of your heart, soul and mind. Sure, there’s the concept of proper grammar and sentence structure, but before this comes the actual story line. As a writer you may cater to an audience, and that is perfectly fine. It’s great to have a group of supporters willing to view and discuss your ideas. However, let’s not forget that your story is about you. When
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