Why I Don 't Consider Myself Essay

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In college, my friends would constantly complain about how difficult writing English essays could be. This always puzzled me, as I found them to be a breeze--I 'd always get fairly high grades, even when I had no idea what I was talking about (which was most of the time). I don 't consider myself to be a particularly great writer, though, I simply picked up on a few simple ways to ensure a high grade on any English essay. Here 's a few tips for making sure that your English class essays consistently earn high marks. 1. Strong opening, strong finish. The most important tip to keep in mind while writing English essays for a class is that many teachers pay the most attention to the opening and final paragraphs. Do everything that you can to make these paragraphs as strong as possible--write conservatively, but passionately, and use an interesting hook to get your teacher 's attention in the beginning. The end of your essay is your chance to sum up the entire document, so don 't skip out and write a simple ending. You should spend more time on your opening and closing statements than on any other part of your essay. 2. Read the rubric carefully. Different English teachers want different things, but they 'll usually tell you exactly what they 're looking for in an essay. It 's really easy to read a rubric and dash off an essay, but if you don 't follow the assignment closely, you 'll lose big points. Pay attention to little things like font selection and essay form--if the
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