Why I Don 't Know About The College 's Biggest Events Of The Season Essay

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Game Day Glam: Makeup, Hair, and Outfit {This post is brought to you by Flying Colors Apparel and Her Campus Media} Flying Colors Auburn Tigers Touchdown Twist Dress (℅) // Ralph Lauren Jolie Fashion Sneaker Gianfranco Ferré Denim Jacket (there are so many stunning denim jacket options here!) Vintage Bandana (lots of cute scarves & headband options here) With my acceptance to NYU, I’m exposed to so many new experiences. From doing my homework at an enormous library facility to getting my feet wet in all sorts of the campus activities, it’s a truly remarkable and nouveau experience for me--and I enjoy every second of it. One of the fresh and fun activities I’m about to explore for the first time this year is attending one of the college’s biggest events of the season. While I don’t know much about the sports, I’m dedicated to hitting the game day in style. GAME DAY DILEMMA: WHAT TO WEAR? The first question that comes to mind when I think about attending a sport game is what to wear? I wrote a few months ago about my strategy about the Yankee game outfits, but are those rules relevant for any sports game or just baseball? Trying to figure out which style decision to make, I stopped by at Flying Colors Apparel where I found this bright orange Flying Colors Auburn Tigers Touchdown Twist Dress. It’s so girly and casual at the same time--I loved it at first sight! While usually I’m not a fan of denim, I felt like this casual glam look required the presence of my old favorite

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