Why I Don 't Know About What Makes Us? Essay

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When people are brought into this world I believe that each, and every one of us fall into a certain category. These categories reflect our personalities as well as describe the kind of person we may turn out to become. We are all different so as that our difference is what makes us unique. No matter how different; we are all human a quality we all share there for making us 50% the same. Granted the other 50% is what makes us who we are individually. There are two different types of personalities. There are Extroverts and then there are Introverts. Somewhere in between those two are a mixture of both, some call neutral. Where you’re a little bit of this and that; but you’re not at the same time. I don’t know just trying to explain it you to is making my head hurt. Any way back on topic. Extroverts are people, who are outgoing and kind of over expressive to the point where it sickening. I know this from personal experience. Someone who is an Extrovert for example may like playing sports or taking part in a play. Essentially ANYTHING where all attention is focused on them. This is the complete opposite for Introverts. I know this because I’ve been one all my life. So naturally I have a good understanding of what we are like. However, you may not know the trials and tribulations we experience every single day of our lives. You know that kid in the back of the class that nobody likes? That kid who is also picked last for kickball in gym class. Yeah that’s

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