Why I Don 't Know

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“I don’t know,” he said as he flicked on the television. News flickered on every T.V. and there is a moment of silence as the sound of the news filled the hospital. “There is a massive explosion in Hong Kong…. 500 deaths… attack… unidentified personnel…evacuation… out of Hong Kong.” Only certain words came to my mind as she spoke. Fear ached through my chest and I turned to search for Ai-He. “Ai-He! Ai-He!” after moments of searching I find her with Fa-Liang rushing patients out of the hospital. I take a moment to gather myself and then hurried to the rooms of patients’ and pulled them out of their rooms for evacuation. In seconds, police come rushing out of doors helping patients out. “BOOM!!!” the ground shook once more but harder than the one before, as I stumbled to the ground I struggled to get back on my feet. I run towards the exits forgetting about the patients and only trying to find Ai-He. I raised my head in search for her. THERE SHE IS, I thought. Rushing towards her, I struggle past employees and patients rushing to the exits and finally grabbing hold of her arm and pulling her towards the exit with me. “Come with me! We’re getting out of here.” I screamed to her with all the chaos around me.
“What about Fa-Liang?” She called back pulling my arm for me to wait.
“Where is he?” I asked.
“I don’t know!” She yelled.
“Let’s go find him!” I replied.
She nodded with agreement. I followed her to find him as she calls out his name. He runs out to her aid in worry. She…

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