Why I Don 't Want Die !

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I don’t want to die! As I repeat those words in my mind I know help isn’t coming this isn’t unit 02 the one place I always feel warm and safe, I know I’m dying I can feel every punch even from the inside as unit 04’s pink fist smash against the metal of unit Alpha the UN’s test prototype, it feels awful every blow is utter agony. It’s so dark inside this entry plug it’s like hell I have no control over anything there are no controls anymore they vanished into nothing and my hands are not touching anything but I can see on a single screen Mari’s unit as it brings out its knife and I see it flying towards the screen. I know what’s coming before it hits and is so painful. I couldn’t stop screaming as my left eye becomes the powerhouse of pain…show more content…
I learned the hard way a long time ago that it 's better to be a part of something than being alone even if you don 't get along the team.Rei, Shinji, and Kaworu have always been close since the beginning and i’ve never really been a part of that, I know why that is and I can’t change it so I just accept their company as enough. As time passed I realized that Shinji is the heart of the group, Rei his younger sister is the soul, And Kaworu is the spine that fits us all together. And I made the muscle in the group. Mari’s ficken problem is she can’t get her scheisse together and find her spot in the group, worst of all is that I used to be just like her maybe that’s why I hate her four eyed face at times. It’s like looking at a mirror back when I was fifteen. Oh the arrogance and delusions I had, I believed that I was god but i’m not, I’m human just like everyone else I can bleed, I can die and being an Evangelion pilot should only be a part of who you are. My thoughts are cut off as I see the screen fading in and out, it won’t be long now I can feel it coming to an end as blood leaks down my face from my damaged eye, I guess it’s not a surprise it would end this way I knew I would always die in the entry plug of an Eva It almost seems fitting but at the end all I felt is sorrow and the desire to hug my mother but she died a long time ago.
The pain is even worse
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