Why I Don 't Want You Catching Bad

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"It 's disgusting! I hate herbal tea! You know I only drink black tea," I complained the day after my random spout of "illness." I put the teacup down and crossed my arms. "It 's a traditional Japanese blend to help with sickness," L argued. He picked up the cup and shoved it to my lips. "Drink it." I turned my head, "I 'm fine now. Come on, this is ridiculous. Let 's keep watching the tapes." We had been watching the footage from Aoyama when the tea was ready and paused it to get me to drink. He even pushed two chairs together so that he could watch over me completely. He was still concerned about how I had gotten so sick so quickly. He had put me on a mix of Vitamin C, generic allergy medication, cold and flu medicine, and some…show more content…
We think it 's very likely that Kira and the second Kira made contact with each other there on that day," L told them. I nodded, "Yeah, there isn 't really anywhere else in the diary that would give a hint as being a place to meet. It just doesn 't make sense." He continued, "I wanted to check all these tapes personally. With Hikari, of course, to make sure I didn 't miss anything. Also, Mr. Yagami?" "Oh, yes?" Yagami asked. "Please ask Mr. Mogi to start following Light so we can keep tabs on what he 's doing," L told him. Mogi hadn 't really been with us since the beginning of the investigation. He was stationed at the NPA so he could tell us about tip line information or things of the sort. "You want him followed?" Light 's dad wondered. He didn 't even sound surprised anymore. "It 's only a slim chance, but if Light is Kira, then there 's still the possibility that the second might try to contact him somehow," L explained. Yagami agreed to it, "Very well." There were two small beeps. I asked, "Was that someone 's phone?" L shook his head, "No, it was my watch." He put his hand out in front of me, and I saw a pill in it. "It 's time for another allergy pill. They only last twelve hours." I sighed, "I don 't need it, and I don 't want it." I picked it up between my index finger and thumb, rolling it around. "Don 't throw it behind you,
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