Why I Feel Uncomfortable With Yourself

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There is many reasons to feel uncomfortable with yourself. Society does not let you be what you want to be. Our culture and beliefs controls our minds. Even though, we are all just human beings, we are not treated by that idea because we have labels in our bodies that say that we are different. Somehow being different means that you deserve other treatments. In America we will notice discrimination towards the “weak”. Sometimes we won’t noticed that we are in fact supporting something that is offensive to others. We are blind for not seeing that we are hurting others for using their image for our benefits. Some individuals feel like they do not belong here because they do not understand who they are and how other people are. These are issues that need to be resolve as soon as possible.
People do bad things without noticing. We do not know everything, but it would be nice to inform ourselves about the people that we think we know. Our race cannot define us as a person, yet our society does not agree with that. According to Augustin Fuentes, the author of "The Myth of Race", the world can divide any races by their physical differences. He explains that people think that, that is impossible just because they reject that idea. He says that they do not want to see the real world; That even your own race can discriminate you. He argues that races always want to compare themselves to each other and feel that sense of power. He believes that they want to be powerful and dominant on
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