Why I Give A B Research Paper

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I gave providing public services a B. The reason why I gave it a B was because the public baths they had helped the rich. Another good reason why I gave it a B was because the Romans needed fresh water to drink and the aqueducts bring water in so they can have something to drink. A bad reason on why I gave it a B was because the entertainment they had was watching gladiators fight and they would watch the death of it too. That’s way to gruesome. My last bad reason on why I gave it a B was because they also watched animals fight and kill each other and I love animals a lot but almost over 5000 animals were killed while people were watching. This benefits the people because they actually had entertainment and they actually had fun while watching.…show more content…
I gave prepare for a common defence an A. I gave it an A because back then, for soldiers they had lots of different armor to fight with like the Lorica Segmenta. Another good reason on why I gave it an A was because of another armor that helped show off their strength was the Lorica Musculata. This helped show off their armor because it had a breastplate so the battles could be easy too. Now for the bad reason is that some of the armor wasn't that strong. This isn’t good because if their armor isn’t that good, then they can die if it does not protect them. My last bad reason is that women aren’t allowed to be in the army. This is bad because some women want to join the army and not just take care of the house too.This benefits the people so their soldiers don’t lose a battle and they become comfortable fighting in it and so the women do have more time to do things. Last, I gave support the economic system an A. The reason I gave it an A is because Farmers traded lots of plants and foods to get furniture, clothing, and more. This is good so people can have something to eat and somewhere to lay down and sleep. Another good thing is that so many people from all over the world traded with Roman people. For example Egypt traded papyrus with
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