Why I Hate Being Complacent Essay

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I hate being complacent. I try to fight complacency in all aspects of my life from academics to my sport of ultimate. Academically, complacency is the difference between putting in the time and effort to study for a test and shrugging it off with a simple “it’ll be fine.” Playing ultimate complacency looks like not doing another set of dead lifts or accepting a poor decision as acceptable just because it happened to result in a goal because “it’ll work itself out.” One of my main goals for this school year is to rid my life of these complacencies. And, honoring this commitment, I have been doing my work more thoroughly and not just at the last minute and have been pushing myself to become faster and smarter as an ultimate player. But even with this resolution to be better I am still complacent in those aspects of my life and will continue to be imperfect as long as I continue to be human. But, as I have learned throughout my time at Carleton, more specifically this term (and even more specifically the second half of this term) I am complacent in the way I view justice in this country. There are powerful forces that shape our criminal justice system that I have always vaguely known existed and have always vaguely understood that they are inherently and systematically racist. And even hearing the facts and numbers, my favorite things, on how racist our country is I chose to be indifferent. I knew that one in three black men will be incarcerated during their life time while
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