Why I Hate Gossip Research Paper

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I hate gossip, especially when it is no one else's business. All these people are doing is making others feel bad. It also leads to rumours which can destroy people's perceptions of their self worth. When something is happening between two people it is no one else's business but theirs. If someone decides to open up to you about something then they have trusted you will their feelings. In no right does that person then have the right to spread that information among others. One thing I find the most aggravating is when people assume you know everything about a person's problems if you are friends with them, they then asks you if that other person is ok to make themselves look good. Not that they actually care about the other person. It's
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I guess it's because everyone does it. As children we hear our parents or other adults gossiping about each other and so we are raised to believe it is ok. Social media makes it even easier for people to gossip about each other without being caught and so due to that fact, there is no real consequence for gossiping. Therefore there is no real reason to stop. Except for the reason that it is morally wrong, which people just seem to ignore. This insinuates that no one seems to care about what is morally wrong anymore, it all about what makes us feel important. When people want to start a conversation with someone you can normally find it starts with “Oh did you hear about what ‘blank’ did?” or “Did you know that ‘blank’ and ‘blank’ don't talk to each other anymore”. It seems to be a very popular form of communication. And I find it so wrong. If we don't stop gossiping about each other and hurting each other now then there will be no hope for the next generation or the generation after that. And that is the saddest thing because what we grow up doing will be something we teach to our children and then they teach to their own. Which is why it needs to stop now, and unfortunately I find the prospect of that happening very hard to
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