Why I Hate Group Projects

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Why I Hate Group Projects: A Memoire At this point in my educational career, I now possess a clear conversance of what my strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to successfully completing my courses. Though I believe myself to be a generally pleasant person and have never been one to shy away from social interactions—well, most of the time—working in a group, regardless of what the project may entail, has never been a skill set I embody for a plethora of reasons. Though it was no less than expected, being that the course’s title includes the words “Social Relationships and Groups,” I was truthfully more than a little disappointed to see our syllabus outline an upcoming group project and immediately started dreading the inevitable. That being said, I want to clarify that my distaste for working in groups is limited only to class assignments on which a substantial part of my grade depends. Past experiences (stretching far back from my middle and high school years to now entering my fourth year in university), however, aide to prove that for me, relying on others for my own academic success—however slight that dependence maybe and regardless of my relation to the one person or overall group—has never quite panned out agreeably in the end. Taking this into account, I solemnly decided to face this project with an open-mind and disassociate myself from preexisting prejudice towards group projects, which ultimately allowed for a slightly more pleasant experience than I first
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