Why I Hate Humanity?

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Let me begin this paper by saying that the title is an extremely accurate description of what this paper is about. For, you see, I hate humanity with a passion that can not be described in words. Therefore, if I am asked to write an essay about my life from different perspectives, one can basically guarantee that the result will be nothing more than a cluster of reasons why I hate humanity, myself included. That being said, this paper covers several moments in my life that have helped to form my current views on humanity. Beginning from elementay school and ending close to the present I will examine these events in accordance with information in the texts provided to us in this class.
I suppose, for clarity 's sake, I must start at the beginning. For me, that is the start of my schooling, as I cannot claim to have many memories of earlier than that. As a child, I extremely unaware of race. I went to a predominantly black elementary school due to district lines, but, at the time, I did not understand the concept nor did I have any reason to. I was just excited to go to school like my big sister. As such, I was far behind many of my peers, so it would seem. A few weeks into my first day of pre-k I was approached by a few of my peers. This did not particularly alarm me, despite them having previously ignored me, as I rather liked new people.
I was, of course, as polite and friendly as my mother had taught me. The children, as children often do, got right to the point. They
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