Why I Hate Running

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Although I hate running just as much as the next sane person, there is still a place that I can go that makes me fall in love with running just as a toddler might with just about anything that shines or squeaks: McAleer Road. To most people Mcaleer road is part of their daily routine to get them to and from their job or to drop the children off at school; however, to me it is an escape. I can run the road down and back in under a half hour in real time but to me it will feel like centuries. While running on this specific road time seems to slow down; I have all the time in the world to clear my mind and think deeper about events that have occurred in my life and in the world around me. Often times I find myself analyzing books or other…show more content…
As I neared the middle my legs began to feel as though someone just poured a hip high level of cement and I had to try to run through it. After realizing the immense pain my legs were in, I soon realized that my lungs were the next thing to go. Just imagine having your lungs shrivel up into the size of a pea and that is only part of the pain my body betrayed me with. As I neared the halfway point on the seventh tenths of a mile long hill, I felt relieved that I was finally able to run on a lower grade once more. For those who have not experienced this feeling, just imagine the feeling you get when the pizza deliveryman finally arrives at your house with your steaming hot and delicious pizza. Now combine that feeling with the excitement of a small child running down the stairs on Christmas. The child, having received all he ever imagined and more, is overcome with such emotion which causes him to burst with laughter. This combination of feelings is nowhere near how ecstatic I was to end my uphill journey. This excitement is short lived as I once more continue my trek up the agonizing hill. Only three steps from the plateau, I felt like I should just give up. At this point, a two week old baby would have a better chance of running up the rest of the hill than I did; however, I remembered a story that I used to read as a child. There was no particular reason for this memory

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