Why I Hate Writing

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We are gonna start this paper off easy I’m just gonna say I hate writing. I have never enjoyed writing I have never been good at it either. For me writing has always been something that takes what seems like forever to be able to finish but then still be able to do bad on it or get a bad grade. I quickly learned about this in college prep writing. I have never been good at writing either there is just so much about it I don’t understand or am good at. I have struggled with commas and spelling for about as long as I can remember, but there is a new problem that is starting to show up more and more as I get older and that is trying to make yourself sound smart by using new vocabulary words or phrases. This makes it that if you say I like dogs…show more content…
I know I will probably have to when I get out of school but I this moment there is no time I can think back to where writing is an everyday occurrence. The only time where I can say I use writing is just for other classes homework other than that there is nothing. I am actually happy about that because I never find anything fun about writing that only good thing about it is when you finally finish. When it comes to writing different pieces of paper it’s like choosing the lesser of two evil. If I would get the chance to choose a paper I would be forced to write I think it would be best to write a research paper. I know the research paper would take more time to get prepared before you start writing, but once you get all the research material writing the paper is the easiest part. When you have the information for the paper you don’t need much creativity to actually write the paper. All you have to do is just slap all of the information onto the paper and just write in transition to get to one part of the paper to the other. My least favorite type of writing to do has to be and autobiography or a personal essay. Even though I feel like it should be the easiest paper to write since you have to talk about yourself, but I always have trouble talking about myself since whatever I say I feel it doesn’t…show more content…
I hated this paper with every part of my being. I picked the topic how music could affect the education of a child, and the thing I realized is that the only type of people who would write about that topic are all idiots, like myself. Since the thing I didn’t realize until it was too late is that there are not many things you can say about this topic without repeating yourself about five times. After multiple late nights just trying to milk the cow dry just for information I finally finished it and turned it in. Then later I found out I got the lowest score out of all of my papers on it. It sucked but I was just happy that I was finally done with it, or I thought I was. Later in the semester I learned we could take one of the papers we did and edit it for a better grade and this meant I had to go back to that awful paper. When I got the paper back it seemed there were more corrections on it than words. After I turned it in and waited what seemed like an eternity to get it back it turns out I raised it to a B so I was pretty proud of myself. Until I found out that I ended up being 0.03 percent off from getting an A in the class and I died a little bit of myself died inside.
That’s about all I could say about my writing experience. I never enjoyed it and I don’t think I will. I know writing does has an important job in this the world and it is important

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