Why I Have A Secret

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I have a secret. A gigantic one. One that if I told, I 'd be committing social suicide. So I haven 't told any one of my friends. Not even my best friend, Ana. I thought no one would have to find out. Because, I mean, it’s only one school year. How hard is it to keep a secret for that long? Just like any school morning, my alarm started blaring, reading 6:00. So, just like any school morning, I hit snooze, ‘cause who actually gets up when their alarm goes off? An hour later, I finally forced myself out of my warm and cozy bed and into the freezing bathroom to take a shower. Walking into the kitchen, I grabbed a muffin, the keys to my (car) and my backpack. Trying to suppress the jittery feeling inside, I drove silently to school. “Ana,” I called, raising my hand up so she could see me in the jammed hallway. “Hey! I haven’t seen you all summer, where have you been?” Of course she asks the question I’ve been dreading since I made my decision. “Summer house,” I replied nonchalantly, trying to shrug the topic off. “So how was your summer, meet anyone I should know about?” “No,” she responds, I little too fast. That and the faint blush on her cheeks call her bluff. I raise my eyebrow. “Okay. I met this one guy. He’s having a small party tonight, you should come.” I knew she was trying to change the topic, but I let it slide. “Sure, it’d be fun.” As the bell rang, we both went our separate ways to class. Ringing the doorbell, I checked my phone for any missed messages
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