Why I Have Chosen to Become a Lawyer

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I want to be a lawyer, because I would like to help people who cannot defend for themselves, and I would like to learn how the law work as an attorney, counsel, or solicitor, and its responsibilities I would have to take in order to have become a successful lawyer. The first real development of a lawyer occurred in the ancient Roman Empire during the reigning of the emperor Claudius in the first century C.E. The ban on fees is abolished and legal advocates are allowed professional status. During this time, a class of legal professionals quickly evolves and by the late fourth century a true legal profession has taken shapes, dedicated to the study and practice of law, with regulation and standard in place for guidance. Approximately…show more content…
The average age a lawyer is about people in their twenty’s or thirty’s but it would depend on when you will start beginning law school and when you graduate. The physical requirements for a lawyer are that you will need a license form the state of where your form and also you will need a bachelor’s degree, and then you will be ready to begin law school. The personality of a lawyer is that he/she must think logically, well at dealing with, and you will have to be able to deal with both sides of the issues, so that you can focus your argument on what you know and the real point, and you have to seek justice and defend for those who cannot do the same for themselves. The experience required for a lawyer is that the lawyer must require seven years or more of post-secondary, education. Frist you must complete undergraduate studies, the you’ll have to graduate from law school; knowing that to get in you will have to take the LSAT and then to graduate you will have to another test. The aptitude of a lawyer is that a lawyer must have intellectual skills, analytical skill, socials skills, and arguing skills. The education required for a lawyer is that the lawyer will need a bachelor’s degree, so that the lawyer can get into law school but first the lawyer must take the LSAT to see if the lawyer can get into law school. The most common entry method in becoming a lawyer is that you will have to graduate from college and have a bachelor’s degree and then make

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