Why I Have The Coaching Leadership Style

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A leadership style is defined as a leader 's style of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people. I believe I have the coaching leadership style. I tend to focus on individuals and I try to help improve their performance. This style assists employees in advancing their skills in their current position which will ultimately lead to achieving the organizational goal and could help with their career aspirations. My supervisor has communicated to me that I possess the skill of agility and adaptability I’m able to adapt to the new changes that are made in the department and handle unexpected demand. Lack of communication is one of the main reasons conflicts arise in the workplace. In my current workplace I have witnessed minor conflicts turn into big conflicts due to poor communication and lack of communication. One of the most recent conflicts that occurred in my workplace that I helped my manger resolve was with two employees who were doing the same work. My co-worker called out and his normal backup started doing his work. But my supervisor forgot that she delegated all his tasks when he was out to a new clerk. This caused tension between both clerks. One was upset because she felt that the new clerk shouldn’t have been appointed to doing these tasks since she was fairly new and the other felt it wasn’t a big deal and the old clerk was just being a brat. Both clerks later communicated the issue to me. I spoke to my manager and made her aware of the issue
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