Why I Learn About Myself As A Nurse

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My Personal Experience in Caring for a Patient that Requires Total Care What did I learn about Myself as a Nurse Man Guting California State University, Sacramento Introduction Illness is a complex subject because of different translations. Sontag (1990) cited numerous historic metaphoric examples to describe illness and how it is unsubstantiated from the scientific perspective. As the western world is advancing with scientific medical knowledge, it has become a controversy whether complete dependency of the healthcare system complements the patient’s autonomy. My experience with the patient has changed my conservative thinking to be more open-minded. Nurses will encounter grey areas, which make it difficult to…show more content…
However, nurses were fulfilling orders from the queen mother instead of the king himself. The Family The patient is single with no children, one sibling, and his mother is the legal decision maker. The United State system has legally defaulted his mother as our commander. Hence, she became the queen mother. She demanded resuscitation and full medical intervention treatment for the patient. Consequently, it is presumed that the mother’s decision will be the best for the patient. The table has spun. Nurses were no longer serving the king, but the queen mother while the king is in his kingdom of sick. My Experience as a Nurse As a servant to the king, I provided the best care I could and witnessed his powerlessness. I selected this assignment primarily for the experience of taking care of a patient with high acuity level to enhance my technical competency: total care, gastric tube management, intravenous intervention, and wound care. My feelings had changed by the end of the shift. His inability to move and communicate had predisposed him to be vulnerable, desperate, and reliant on others to survive. His own body’s neurologic system had imprisoned him, inflicted his quality of life, and hindered his potential. My responsibility for the patient as a student nurse was to execute the order from the upper chain of command. After receiving the morning report from the night shift nurse, I began to do vital signs and realized he was breathing really

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