Why I Learned A Valuable Moral Lesson

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Stepping into a new environment and being a part of a new group are always a little uneasy, and most people will worry a transfer to a place where they only know a little acquaintance. However, I am always confident to overcome the nervousness, use my experience to blend in with the new campus environment, and make a valued contribution. Being confronted with the challenge of living in the unfamiliar environment empowers my curiosity, emboldens my desire to succeed, and strengthens my foundation of preservation and self-discipline. Through my experiences, I have learned a valuable moral lesson is that everything has a price. If we keep our goal consistently, work hard, and do not give up when things are difficult; eventually, the payback is worth the effort. My popularity is also highlighted by my compassion, my ethical principles of treating people with respect, charity and fairness no matter what their circumstances are. In the healthcare environment, I believe that respect is very crucial in improving the patient experience. The volunteer experience at many hospitals and communities teaches me appreciate the life value, the importance of diversity of the population, and understand more relationship between human with human. These values will strongly strengthen social connections between people and contribute to friendliness and cohesion on campus. Besides that, volunteering at places where sickness and disadvantage existed gives me a sense of belonging to humanity and

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