Why I Learned For Writing An Essay

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I learned a very broad variety of English skills in my English 101 class. From the time of doing research before writing an essay, I wrote from the reader’s perspective, considering first what the reader would benefit from hearing. I discovered methods of writing so that the reader would be able to easily follow my ideas and notice the connection between them. Along with that, I learned to actively read what others wrote, alter my writing based off it, and courageously participate in the academic conversation. I acquired necessary language arts skills to participate in the academic conversation during my English 101 class. When first writing essays, I learned to collect and introduce topical information in a way that would best benefit…show more content…
Also, I learned to better introduce topics to readers. Previously, I very much struggled with introductions, and because I didn’t know which direction to take them in, I often ended up simply using them as a place to summarize my essays. Now, I have learned about and am able to use inverted triangle introductions. For example, when writing my persuasive essay introduction, I started out with a general sentence to grab the audience’s attention, declaring, “When using the internet, people generally get a very personalized experience.” Then, I went on to introduce the problem to the audience, telling the audience about why companies feel the inclination to use filter bubbles, however, also telling them why filter bubbles are harmful. Lastly, I stated my thesis, remarking “The American public should pressure companies to stop the filter bubble from causing a harmful effect that prevents people from taking part in community dialogue” (Persuasive Essay). Inverted triangle introductions give readers a better introduction to my essay because by the end of the introduction, they feel a strong inclination to keep reading due to interest in the subject and have a general understanding of the topic and my position on it by the end of the introduction. Therefore, readers are both inclined from the beginning to continue reading and can easily understand concepts when further reading the essay. Moreover, I learned to better write an essay that

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