Why I Learned My Music I Have Forgotten Over The Past Years

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Even after being heavily involved in performance arts in grade school, I am able to say that I have learned a number of things that I have overlooked over the past years. For instance, in an historical sense, I have known that every era or period in history brought in new ideas, the sciences, new painting forms, but it never occurred to me that it would bring in new music forms. I always believed that music stayed the same until recently in history. I was surprised to found out that I have been very wrong.
Moreover, I have learned what my music instructors never emphasized. I never really understood what the difference between a melody and a harmony was until I was forced to read about it. I also did not understand the importance that the rhythm posed in music. It did not occur to me that rhythm could change the whole meaning of a piece of music even if melody and harmony were left unchanged. Music for me was always, play it this way because that’s how the sheet tells you to play it. Additionally, learning how to analyze music has allowed me to learn about the music that I listen to on a daily basis. I am able to listen to a song and understand how the elements of the song influences the way I interpret the song and the emotion that the artist wished to convey.
Furthermore, I learned how technology affects the way that we acquire and listen to today. Our discussion made me think back to when I was younger and the only way you could listen to music was on TV or by buying a
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